Equitable Divorce Resolutions

Financial Consultation for Divorce

Equitable Divorce Resolutions is a fee-only consultation firm that provides financial  information, education, and  analysis for couples going through divorce or dissolution of family partnership.  Services are provided by a Certified Financial Planner, who is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Enrolled Agent (Tax Professional), and is trained in mediation. See "About Us" for additional information.

Mediation and Collaborative Practice
Our firm works extensively with couples who have chosen to end their marriage through mediation or the Collaborative Divorce process.  These alternatives to traditional litigated divorce provide you with the support to end your marriage in a respectful manner. Since you control the outcome, you create a solution that is best for you and your family.   If you are interested in Mediation or Collaborative Practice, and have not yet retained the services of an attorney, referrals will be provided upon request. 

"Do it Yourself" Divorce   (Self-Represented, In Pro Per)
For couples who wish to "do it yourself".  If your circumstances are such that you wish to craft your own settlement without the involvement of attorneys-  but you  have questions about tax or financial issues,  Equitable Divorce Resolutions can answer your questions. NOTE:   NO LEGAL ADVICE is provided.  You may wish to hire an attorney on a limited basis to draft the language for your settlement.  This process is NOT recommended for families with complicated finances.  

Traditional Divorce
For individuals who are in need of financial advice and who have not retained a mediator or collaborative practice team,  you may wish to engage our services as a Financial Coach or Financial Settlement Specialist. See "Services" page for further details.