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Education, Expertise, Experience: Committed to Equitable  Resolutions

Going through a divorce is never an easy process.  Under amicable circumstances there is still the stress and uncertainty of what the future holds for you.  "Where will I live?",  "Will I have enough to live on?"  "How will I take care of the debt?" are common questions that arise.  In a  contentious divorce process, the emotional impact is even more severe.  Feeling as if you are in a "brain fog" is a common way that individuals describe their functioning  during a  divorce.  And it is during this time of stress and "brain fog" that you are required to make important decisions that will significantly impact your future.

At Equitable Divorce Resolutions, we are committed to working with you help you understand the financial decisions you are faced with.  Whether working as a Financial Coach, Financial Neutral, or Financial Settlement Specialist, financial advisor and tax professional  Vicki D. McLellan's commitment is to understand your circumstances, and provide you with the information and support you need to assist you in developing a financial settlement you understand and that is reasonable and fair.  Ms. McLellan's  background and training as a psychologist and family mediator, in addition to her credentials as a Certified Financial Planner (R), a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (TM), and an Enrolled Agent tax professional give her a unique combination of skills and experience in the field of Divorce Financial Advising.

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