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 Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Southeast Michigan

The Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Southeast Michigan is the local practice group of Attorneys, Child Specialists, Mental Health Professionals and Financial Neutrals who primarily, but not exclusively, work in Wayne, Oakland, Washtenaw and Macomb counties.

Membership in the practice group is granted to professionals who are licensed, in good standing in their professions, and who have the credentials and training outlined by the protocols of the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan (See "Collaborative Process) AND who have met the additional  CDPSEM membership requirements.

Interdisciplinary meetings of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Southeast Michigan are held monthly. Further training, discussion of "best practices" and other aspects of working together as a Collaborative Team are part of the on-going development as a Collaborative Practitioner. Regular attendance at  monthly meetings is a requirement to be a member in good standing of the practice group.

Additional requirements for all professionals include:  Mentoring training (for newly trained Collaborative Practitioners) , training in family mediation, and  at least 8 hours of continuing education related to Collaborative Practice annually.

Not all professionals who have received Collaborative Practice training are involved in practice groups with continuing education and  additional training requirements.  When you work with a member of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Southeast Michigan you can be assured that you are engaging the services of a professional committed to the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice model, and who adheres to higher standards of training and experience. 

For additional information see: www.betterdivorcemi.org