Equitable Divorce Resolutions

Respectful Resolution for the Common Good

Too often in contentious,  litigated divorces the outcome is an unhappy one for both spouses.  When this happens, there may be many post-settlement disputes and multiple return trips to court for a judge's intervention.  

In reaching your settlement through the Collaborative Process , mediation or "do it yourself", our goal is to assist you in finding solutions that work best for your family. Ultimately, the best outcome for you is also the one that is best for your spouse and for your children and family.  Creating a solution that is for the common good will help ensure that your family can move forward peacefully.  Working together in the Collaborative Process provides you with problem-solving tools and experience that will help you resolve post-divorce issues that may arise.  You can do this without resorting to additional legal disputes.

Financial Consultation -Respectful Resolution for the Common Good  is the commitment you have from Equitable Divorce Resolutions.